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You all know how much I value keeping healthy, and for those of you who follow Nourished Kitchen on Twitter, you saw my update about a miserable and unexpected cold.  Thanks to all the helpful advice, our household is on the mend and in addition to the unconventional ways to fight the colds and flus that we typically use, I gleaned a few extra tips from other real food lovers like brewing up a pot of onion soup, plenty of garlic, zinc and the Princess Bride.

Coming up this week, I’ve got a few beautiful new recipes for you including a sourdough grape focaccia with rosemary and a traditional Siberian sourdough dumpling, so make sure you’resubscribed and that you like Nourished Kitchen on Facebook, because you’ll be the first to know as soon as the recipes are posted.  I’ll also be adding more olive-curing adventures to the culinary traditions of Nourished Kitchen – did you see our home-cured Moroccan-style olives from last year?

This week, after a purchase of two shamefully large tubs of Nutiva coconut oil, I’m reviving my love affair with this nourishing, wholesome fat.  You can read more about coconut oil health benefits or even how to perform a coconut oil detox.  Me?  I’m intrigued by oil pulling, and will give that another shot this autumn.

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