Download an 8-Recipe Sample Menu from My New Cookbook

Download an 8-Recipe Sample Menu from The Nourished Kitchen! #nourishedkitchen


I’m so excited to share something special with you today! I spent the better part of the morning in quiet, and then a knock on the door and 5 boxes full packed tightly with copies of my cookbook – The Nourished Kitchen stood on my doorstep.  I brought them in, away from today’s snow, ready to send them off as thank you gifts to the many people who helped in writing the cookbook.

We’re only two weeks away from The Nourished Kitchen‘s official release on April 15th, and you can preorder the book now which  will secure you the very best price (it’s $10 off on Amazon this morning) and also give you access to instructional videos, bonus recipes and more when you email our receipt to by April 15th at midnight PST.  I also have all sorts of new goodies coming next week that I absolutely hope you’ll adore!

But that’s not what I’m sharing with you today, instead, I wanted to share with you an 8-Recipe Sampler Menu from The Nourished Kitchen.  It’s a beautiful menu of wholesome, traditional dishes that make a lovely, comforting dinner for family or guests.  It includes a starter, a salad, a main course, a dessert as well as supporting recipes for those who wish to make their own clarified butter, kombucha and bone broth.

Sign Up to Receive the Sample Menu and Recipes

It’s a little treat, a small glimpse of the full cookbook which features over 160 recipes, as well as information on traditional foods and working with small farms.  To download the sampler, simply sign up for the newsletter below (I’ll only email you once or twice a week), and when you confirm your subscription, you’ll receive a link to download the Sneak Peek 8-Recipe Menu from my new cookbook: The Nourished Kitchen which is available for preorder at a fantastic price between now and April 15th.

The Sample Menu includes some of my favorites like Sherried Chicken Liver Pate with Apples and Sage, Roasted Beet and Walnut Salad with Kombucha ViniagretteSpiced Pot Roast with Apples, Sweet Potatoes and Prunes, as well as Maple Roasted Pears.

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What’s Inside The Nourished Kitchen

  • Over 160 whole foods recipes with emphasis on grass-fed and pasture-raised meats, heirloom vegetables, healthy fats, fermented foods, properly prepared grains and beans, raw dairy and naturally fermented foods.
  • Easy-to-Reference Charts that explain how (and why) to prepare grains and beans properly through soaking and souring.
  • Big, Beautiful Color Photos
  • Simple Tutorials for preparing basic kitchen ingredients at home like Milk KefirHomemade Butter and Buttermilk, Olive Oil MayonnaiseHerb-Infused Oils, Vinegar and HoneyEasy Homemade Cheese and more.
  • And remember, you can always look inside the book here for a little peek.

How to Get The Nourished Kitchen the Day It’s Released (and more)

As a gift for those of you who preorder The Nourished Kitchenyou can register for the cookbook’s online membership portal which gives you access to all kinds of goodies like:

  • Instructional Videos for making recipe in the book and bonus recipes not included in the book.
  • Sneak Peek Recipes from the cookbook like Spinach, Potato and Jalapeno Soupand Fennel, Kohlrabi and Green Apple Relish.
  • Bonus Recipes NOT Included in the book like Caramelized Onion Buns with Figs and Mussels with Pancetta and Tomatoes.  The cookbook became SO big and thorough, we had to cut a few recipes and included them for you here.
  • Menu Ideas for incorporating traditional foods and Nourished Kitchen recipes into your family’s dinner routine.

To get access to the membership portal, simply preorder your cookbook, then email the receipt to BEFORE April 15th at midnight PST.  And remember, when you preorder The Nourished Kitchen  you will receive the cookbook at the very best price as online retailers provide steep discounts on preorders.

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