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Sweet Risotto with Buttermilk and Sultanas

  Sweet risotto reminds me of my grandmother, and her closely-guarded recipe for rice pudding.  I don’t remember much about my grandmother’s kitchen, only a tiny table, a white stove, real New York frankfurters cooked in mustard water, a crystal candy jar full of Jolly Ranchers, and her rice pudding. She guarded her recipes.  After years… 

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red currants for pie

Red Currant Pie with Buttered Sourdough Crust

Currant pie, sweet and tart with a hint of cinnamon, rounds out the desserts on my summertime table.  Currants offer an old-fashioned charm, and I look forward to their brief and fleeting appearance in my CSA box every summer. My son and I pluck them from their fragile stems gently so as not to bruise… 

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Sweet Marrow Custard with Vanilla Bean

Layered With Summer Berries . . . Cinnamon sprinkled peaches, or ripe figs in the fall, this faintly sweet custard makes it’s way to our breakfast table every season of the year. Wholesome fats and protein plus many vitamins and minerals (calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorous, B-Vitamins, Vitamin K and Vitamin A to name a few),… 

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mulberry crumble

Here We Go Around the Mulberry Bush: Mulberry and Buttered Einkorn Crumble

Mulberries remind me of a childhood spent climbing trees, scraping knees, catching fireflies and sneaking off to the beach with my best friend – Matt.  Military brats, we grew up on Okinawa in a time when summer meant that mom would open the door at breakfast and you weren’t expected back until dusk. We’d pack… 

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A Recipe: Fresh Fig & Yogurt Tart with Almond Crust

A fresh fig tart, earthy and mildly sweet, is a hard thing to resist.  And when fresh figs are paired with honeyed yogurt and almond meal, it’s even harder to resist, especially for four-year-old fingers.   So when we made this fresh fig tart, filling an almond flour tart shell with honey-sweetened strained yogurt and slices… 

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Recipe: Olive Oil Ice Cream with Blood Oranges

Olive oil ice cream with blood oranges, inspired by these olive oil recipes, recently found its way to our kitchen with our first bottles of fresh, raw milk for the year.  In this recipe for olive oil ice cream, the inclusion of a good quality unrefined, extra virgin olive oil is essential.  The flavor of… 

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Cinnamon Honey Ice Cream

Fresh cream is in season (don’t think of cream as a seasonal food? check out this post For the Love of Fresh Cream), and we’re making a lot of ice cream in our home.   It’s so simple to make, plus it helps me to get all those good fat soluble vitamins into my toddler’s… 

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Salmon Cakes

I like to serve these salmon cakes over mixed greens with fresh ruby red grapefruit and homemade wasabi mayonnaise. This recipe represents an excellent opportunity to get salmon into your family’s bellies at an affordable price.   The meal is inexpensive, flavorful and nutrient-dense. Unlike many recipes for salmon cakes, this recipe doesn’t use any… 

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Really Raw Ice Cream with Wildflower Honey & Blackberries

In the spring and summer months, when cows are grazing on fresh, green grass raw ice cream is a staple in our home.   Unlike conventional, cloyingly sweet ice creams, this ice cream is milder in is sweetness which allows you to more fully appreciate the flavor of fresh, raw cream and milk.

Quince Skillet Cake

As hard as they are to find – especially in the Colorado mountains – I love quinces.   There’s something decidedly old-fashioned about them.   They’re odd, lumpy fruits and you can’t eat them raw, but, when cooked, their lovely faintly perfumed flavor can bring so much to the plate.   Quinces are rich in… 

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