Top 12 Recipes of 2012

January: Perpetual Bone Broth January brought perpetual bone broth - the simplest way to prepare bone broth by keeping a slowcooker brewing away on your kitchen counter, dipping … [Read more...]

the bookshelf at nourished kitchen

My Favorite Books of 2012

I don't often get a chance to sit down and read - at least not as often as I used to.  But, very occasionally, I draw a hot bath, pour a cold glass of water and settle in to read a … [Read more...]

Vintage Traditions Balm Winners

Last week we held a giveaway for a totally natural moisturizing balm made from grass-fed tallow and a sprinkling of essential oils.  This week, we're announcing the winners and … [Read more...]


12 Nourishing Soups for Autumn

The chill in autumn leaves my family hungry for the warmth of a good soup - and here are our 12 favorite soups for the season.  Don't forget to use a good quality bone broth when … [Read more...]