Einkorn, Spelt, Wheat, Ancient Grains

Good Questions: Einkorn, Spelt, Emmer, Farro and Heirloom Wheat

In recent weeks, a glut of questions about ancient and heirloom grains and wheat have arrived in my inbox.  I hope this means that readers are beginning to re-embrace the idea of enjoying grains once again, though they still tend to be viewed as the “bad boy” of the ancestral health movement, with books like… 

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cod liver oil (1 of 1)

How to Take Cod Liver Oil (And Why You Should)

My family takes cod liver oil daily, as a sort of insurance policy (you can read more about why we take cod liver oil daily here as well as other whole food supplements we take).  As my family has traveled the path of traditional foods, we’ve incorporated cod liver oil, bone broth and fermented foods into… 

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Chicken Tarragon Cream Horizontal 2 (1 of 1)

Pan-Roasted Chicken with Tarragon and Mustard Cream Sauce

It was a busy day, and I was up to my ears in emails.   As the afternoon wore on into evening, my husband and I desperately needed to figure out dinner.  That’s when I reached for a new book, Nourishing Broth, that was recently sent to me for review.  I thumbed through it, and… 

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Devon Cow (1 of 1)

Why Grass-fed Dairy Matters (and a visit to three English farms)

Nestled in the vivid green undulating hills of southwest England, thrive several small family dairies.  Dairies that, for generations, have kept their animals outside, on fresh pasture.  These small farmers have come together through their cooperative, to offer a beautiful organic cheddar that has just recently been made available in the US.  Last autumn, they invited… 

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Real Food on the Road (A Survival Guide)

This weekend, as I stared beyond the dashboard and toward the flat, open road, I realized that my family has spent 113 days traveling this year.  Strung together, that’s a little over 3 1/2 months.  (Yes, I’m exhausted – we all are.)  Business trips, speaking engagements, conferences and farm tours comprise the bulk of that… 

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Why I’m a Member of the Weston A. Price Foundation

For my family, our focus on foods extends beyond the meals I cook at home and beyond the support of local and regional farmers, to supporting a broader movement.  For the past several years, my family has belonged to the Weston A Price Foundation, a nonprofit organization devoted to restoring the place of nutrient-dense, traditional foods… 

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A Peek at My Kitchen (and my favorite tools)

Over the years, many of you have asked for a little peek into my kitchen.  What does it look like? How is it set up?  Where do I keep the ferments, and the broth, and the sourdough? Which are my must-have tools and essentials? So, I thought I’d take the time to show you. My family… 

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Traditional Wassail Recipe

Love and joy come to you, and to your wassail too!

I love a traditional wassail, and I make it three times  a year – on the first day of snow, on the longest night of the year and on New Year’s Eve.  And today marks the longest night of the year and the shortest day.  We’ll celebrate with wassail and by lighting a candle that… 

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Building a Real Food Kitchen (and a Giveaway for You)

When I first left the college dorms for my own apartment, my aunt and mother took me to a handful of kitchen supply shops to buy a few starter pieces as housewarming gifts.  They were inexpensive simple items like a hand-held grater, some cheap knives, a can opener, a whisk and a dish or two. Cooking… 

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Fermented Foods for Gut Health

Fermented foods: sauerkrauts, kombucha, yogurts – represent a staple aspect of traditional foods across the globe; that is, traditional cultures around the world each practiced the art of fermentation.  And while many fermented foods were born out of practicality – a way to preserve the harvest of summer well into the dark days of winter… 

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