Homemade Sauerkraut

Homemade Sauerkraut Recipe

Homemade sauerkraut, in all its funky humility, is a favorite food in our home – particularly in wintertime when fresh, local produce is a rare treat and we rely on what we’ve put by over the summer and autumn months.  For us, this means lots of fermented foods and sauerkraut in particular. We grow cabbage… 

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sweet potatoes ana (1 of 1)

Sweet Potatoes Anna with Spiced Ghee

In the deep cold and dark of wintertime, I find myself craving sweet things warmed by spice.  Cinnamon.  Coriander. Ginger.  They warm me from the inside out, helping me to brace myself against the deep, dark looming gloom of wintertime.  I tire of winter.  This year more than others.  It leaves me cold, and weepy,… 

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roasted cabbage

A Simple Recipe for Winter: Roasted Cabbage

I absolutely love simple recipes. Few, but wholesome, ingredients that explode with real flavor are the kinds of dishes I like to serve to my family.As far as veggies go, I always strive to offer variety to my children, but often find myself serving the same tried and true recipes over and over again because… 

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liver with potatoes (1 of 1)

Potatoes with Bacon and Liver

Potatoes with bacon and liver is my sneaky solution to ensuring my family consumed adequate amount of this nutrient-dense, old-fashioned staple.  Yes, I still love my Chicken Liver Pate, and my son consistently asks for Fried Chicken Livers, but, beyond these tried-and-true staples, I still struggle with putting liver on the plate regularly as I… 

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Hot Pink Jalapeno Garlic Kraut

Hot Pink Jalapeno Garlic Kraut is, perhaps, my favorite of the many fermented foods we make at home – though homemade root beer and true sour pickles are close runners-up.  Vibrant in both flavor and color, the sauerkraut also packs a bit of heat that mellows with time and brings a solid punch of pure salty-sour… 

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Purple Potato and Artichoke Gratin

Potato and artichoke gratin is simple food, and deeply satisfying.  Now that summer is in full swing, our CSA box positively overflows with vegetables and fruit: apricots, exotic mints, heirloom tomatoes, Malabar spinach, garlic, onions, parsley, salad greens, Swiss chard, leeks, summer green apples, artichokes and even tiny young potatoes.  It’s with these – those artichokes… 

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kimchirecipe 3

Hot, Salty & Sour: My Kimchi Recipe

I love kimchi, and I make kimchi at home a few times a year, usually in the autumn when Napa cabbage, hefty daikon radishes, carrots, garlic and chili peppers can all be found at the market in abundance. I buy them by the case, taking advantage of discounted prices – cabbage for 75 cents a… 

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a recipe: italian red torpedo onion gratin with fresh herbs

Onion gratin with fresh herbs is one of those special indulgences: fragrant, rich with cream and herbs.  It’s an old-fashioned dish with no pretense.  It’s comfort food at its best: sweet and savory and salty all at once. Warm for the growing chill of mid-September, onion gratin, humble as it is, deserves a place on the… 

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tomatoes provençale & where to find truly good olive oil

Tomatoes provençale, a simple dish that highlights the bounty of late summer gardens with its emphasis on fresh tomatoes, finds its way to our table almost daily in August when we buy heirloom tomatoes by the case at our local market.  Tomatoes, you see, don’t do well up here at 9,000 feet.  So we get… 

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