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Fermented Mixed Berries

This past weekend, I splurged and bought a few packs of berries (a special treat indeed, considering the snow still falls in the mountains) because I was so inspired by a new recipe: fermented berries.  We tend to rely on our fermented vegetables like sour pickles and hot pink jalapeno garlic kraut, as well as tonics… 

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Apple Tart in an Oat and Walnut Crust

It was a familiar scene: me, in my car, alone, under a freeway overpass. Mainlining sugar. Maybe I was coming off a cleanse. Maybe I was following the diet du jour. Maybe I was just trying to be “good.” It always ended in the same way, though: me, in my car, alone, under a freeway… 

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Roasted Persimmon and Ginger Custard

I’m not a huge dessert maker. I get that sweet calling every so often, but typically grab a ripe fruit or a few squares of high quality chocolate. When the mood does strike me, I pull out my ramekins and whip up a rich custard. The ingredients are always available, and it’s always a huge hit… 

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Sourdough Rye Crepes with Sorghum-Cinnamon Apples

As summer slowly fades to autumn, we are found in one of the busiest times of the year here on our off-grid homestead. Central Texas provides us with a fall gardening season and so many days this time of year you can find us planting kale seedlings, direct-seeding carrots and beets, picking dried beans, and… 

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Glowing Ghost Gummies for Halloween

As Halloween rolls around each year, I look for new ways to my son’s favorite holiday: homemade costumes and decorations, special treats and natural and organic candies that we pile into a bucket on our doorstep for any little goblins, witches and ghouls that might come calling. So we make sugar cookies, and honey caramel… 

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The Season’s Creamiest Strawberry Flan

I’m on vacation this week (you can follow our travels in pictures on instagram), and I’ve asked a number of natural foods bloggers to take my place and keep you completely sated with all sorts of mouthwatering recipes.  This recipe comes from Diana Bauman, who blogs at My Humble Kitchen!  Hope you love it as much as I… 

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Cultured Coconut Mango Popsicles

  When the weather warms from spring into summer, I abandon my warm pumpkin and chai-spiced custards in favor of cool and hydrating treats, vanilla mint ice cream and orange creamsicles.  The combination of mango and cultured coconut milk make for one of my favorite frozen treats this time of year – slightly tart,  faintly sweet, with a punch… 

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Dried Apricot and Plum Breakfast Bars with Coconut: Super Easy, Delicious Real Food Snack

Dried Plum, Apricot and Coconut Breakfast Bars

This post is sponsored by VitaCost, which ships natural foods, dry goods, supplements and personal care items to your door.  Thank you for supporting companies I believe in, as it helps me to continue developing recipes, and crafting unique content for you to enjoy.  I hope you love these Dried Plum, Apricot and Coconut Breakfast Bars…. 

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Little Almond and Einkorn Cookies

Little Almond and Einkorn Cookies

These little Almond and Einkorn Cookies have made an appearance in the snack jar in my family’s kitchen twice a week for the past month.  And, for a family that generally doesn’t care too terribly much for sweets, that’s a lot.  I made them so frequently at such great demand that the moment I’d turn… 

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Icy Tree in the Mountains

Boozy Chocolate, Hazelnut and Orange Truffles

There’s a soft, cold hush that arrives with the snow.  My curtains are drawn, and I can see into our tree-covered backyard where cold birds flee – magpies mostly, but occasionally doves and woodpeckers – seeking a bit of shelter beneath the snow-covered branches as they peck at the seeds and tallow in our neighbors’… 

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