Shellfish Cioppino1

Shellfish Cioppino

  You want a bowl of this spicy, tomato-rich Shellfish Cioppino, seriously.


Vietnamese-Style Beef Stew (Bo Kho)

It’s stewing season. And while I love a good, simple, Julia-Child-style stew, I also like to get a bit complex. A bit spicy and fragrant. Bo kho hits all of those and then some. While it’s said to have French origins, this beef stew is in a league all of its own. Full of gelatin-rich beef… 

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tuna (1 of 1)

Seared Albacore with Ginger, Garlic and Green Onions

I grew up by the ocean, spending my earliest years on the beaches of South Texas before moving with my family to the tiny island of Okinawa where I spent my grade school years. I remember late nights at shacks in Texas, seasoned and boiled crabs dumped from enormous buckets onto newspaper-lined tables.  It’s there… 

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koreanseafoodvegstew (1)

Spicy Korean Seafood and Vegetable Stew

I’m on vacation this week (you can follow our travels in pictures on instagram), and I’ve asked a number of up-and-coming natural foods bloggers to take my place and keep you completely sated with all sorts of mouthwatering recipes.  This recipe comes from Sarah Atshan, who blogs at Nutrients You Fools!  Hope you love it as… 

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Buttered Spinach from an 1840s Farm Journal #nourishedkitchen

An Heirloom Recipe: Buttered Spinach from an 1840s Farm Journal

Greens are springing up at area farms, and have arrived in abundance in our weekly CSA box, among them the youngest and most tender spinach. I reserve these young bunches of greens for one of my favorite recipes for spring: Buttered Spinach.  While it may sound terribly uninteresting, it offers a story. Recipes from an 1840s… 

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Czarnina: Traditional Polish Duck Blood Soup #nourishedkitchen

Czarnina: Traditional Polish Duck Blood Soup

This recipe and charming story come to you from my close friend, Becca.  She visited me recently, and shared her Great-Grandmother’s Czarnina, or traditional Polish Duck Blood Soup.  I asked her to share it with you below.  It’s a lovely soup, faintly sweet and sour, and dotted with dried fruit.  You can learn more about… 

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Einkorn and Spotted Shrimp Risotto with Butternut Squash and Almonds

In wintertime, I rely on simple, warming one-dish dinners – and risottos appear often on our dinner menu.  They require so little clean-up, and the slow commitment to stirring the risotto as it cooks offers me a point of peace and meditative quiet.  This version of risotto, is one of my favorites.  Instead of rice,… 

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Twine for Trussing Chickens and other poultry

How to Truss a Chicken in 6 Easy Steps

Once a week, I roast a chicken.  I stretch what I can into several meals, and I throw the chicken’s frame into a slowcooker for perpetual broth all week long.  Trussing the bird first, before roasting, helps to ensure that the chicken cooks evenly, and that its breast meat remains moist and not dried out,… 

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Salisbury Steak Recipe

A Recipe: Salisbury Steak for Grown-ups

This is not your lunch lady’s Salisbury steak recipe. No.  Not by any means.  In this Salisbury steak recipe, we pair grass-fed beef with earthy oyster and shiitake mushrooms, fresh thyme and mineral-rich homemade beef stock. It’s a luxurious dish – rich and robust. For a woman who lives food, dreams food, revels in food… 

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savory roasted chicken

Savory-Roasted Chicken with Lemon, Garlic and Potatoes

Every Sunday I slow-roast a chicken.  I truss the bird, dress it with herbs, olive oil and a generous sprinkling of salt and set it on a bed of vegetables – whichever I happen to have on hand.  It’s a happy ritual, and one that helps to feed us all week long, and, later, when… 

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