How to Make Real Cream Cheese

There's something uniquely special about homemade cheeses - like the making of bone broth, it's often relatively easy but it leads to a deep feeling of accomplishment.  I made … [Read more...]

mustard green pesto

Spicy Mustard Green Pesto

Mustard green pesto  - spicy, hot and deeply refreshing -  quickly eclipsed basil pesto this autumn as my favorite style.  I love that its heat is potent, quick and sharp much like … [Read more...]


Moroccan Preserved Lemons

Preserved lemons enhance the cooking of North Africa with their pronounced saltiness and a sourness that is oddly mellowed, rather than enhanced, through fermentation.  Even with … [Read more...]


Salted & Smoked Salmon Roe

Salmon roe is one of my favorite foods (and my husband and son share my love of those beautiful translucent little orange balls of briny goodness).  And every time I post to … [Read more...]