Big Giveaway: Organic Gemini Guarana Coconut Energy Water

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In summertime, when my family spends a fair amount of outside, under the heat of the bright alpine sun, hydration is paramount to our health. With the physical exertion that comes from hiking, running, or biking in an extreme environment means we benefit from having something that is not only hydrating, but that can also replenish minerals and salts lost through sweat. For this reason, I often make my own traditional sports drinks, like Ginger Switchel, or rely on coconut water – a quick and easy option.

How I Use Organic Gemini’s Guarana Coconut Water

A few weeks ago the folks at Organic Gemini (check out their facebook page here) sent me a case of their Guarana Coconut Water to try. I set a few in the fridge to chill, and opened them up later to enjoy the mildly sweet, energy-boosting drink (it has quite a kick thanks to the guarana). Organic Gemini also makes a tigernut horchata that I am dying to try. They’re a new company, and one with ethics too – it’s a simple, clean, additive-free organic drink. Easy.

We not only drank the coconut water straight, and over ice, but I also folded the coconut water into popsicles like these Coconut Mango Popsicles. I also cultured it with a bit of kefir starter to make coconut kefir. It’s pretty versatile.

Coconut and Guarana

Mildly sweet, coconut water is the clear, mineral-rich liquid found in young, green coconuts. Coconut water is particularly rich in potassium, a mineral associated with cardiovascular health, as well as magnesium, and manganese. Coconut water has risen to popularity in the last several years, especially for its ability to not only provide trace minerals, but also to hydrate and nourish. For these reasons, many natural foods enthusiasts value its place as a natural sports drink.

Guarana, a fruiting plant and relative of the maple, is native to the Amazon where it played an important role in native diets of Paraguay and Brazil. Guarana was traditionally used in both breads and sweetened herbal teas, and it was prized as an energy tonic, owing to its concentration of caffeine which is more concentrated than in the coffee bean. Guarana is also rich in polyphenols and antioxidants.

As Guarana is a strong stimulant owing to its caffeine content, it’s wise to limit its use to when that boost of energy would be valuable, and take care not to overdo it.  Children and slow caffeine metabolizers can be particularly sensitive to guarana, which is why I tend to mix it with other ingredients when I prepare popsicles with it.

Where You Can Buy Organic Gemini Guarana Coconut Energy Drink

Organic Gemini’s coconut water will be available online through their website soon as well as in retail stores, but remember, this company is brand new. Right now you can order their coconut water through Amazon.  It contains just a handful of ingredients including coconut water (from concentrate), organic guarana seed extract, and organic coconut extract.

What We’re Giving Away: $350 of Guarana Coconut Water!

  • 10 Winners will receive a case (that’s 12 bottles) of Organic Gemini Guarana Coconut Energy Drink! Each bottle is valued at $2.99 and each case is valued at $35.88

How to Enter

To enter, simply complete the form in the Rafflecopter widget below. First be sure to like Organic Gemini on facebook, and you can earn additional entries by commenting on this post (tell me how you’d use a case of coconut water, and by subscribing to the Nourished Kitchen Newsletter.

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What people are saying

  1. says

    Wow, I love your idea of using this in popsicles! Even better, my husband and I are both runners and I would love the opportunity to try switching from sugary energy drinks to a healthier, organic option. This sounds like the perfect replacement that will give us the hydration and boost we need. Thanks!

  2. Vera K says

    I would use up a case of Organic Gemini Guarana Coconut Energy Drink by having it while playing tennis every day.

  3. says

    I am so excited to hear about this new product. I hope they have it at the Whole Foods that I try to get to once a month or so. Thanks for all the great info. you continuously throw our way. LOVE your book and your blog.

  4. Christina says

    Coconut water is my go to during the warmer months especially, for complete hydration. I cannot be without coconut water, now that I know what a miracle hydrator it is. I put coconut water in my morning juices and I drink it during the day by itself. I also take coconut water with me on my walk/run intervals because it contains a perfect balance of electrolytes. Coconut water is the best!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a case of coconut water! :)

  5. Gail says

    I would use up a case by making green smoothies. I love how coconut water rounds out the flavors of the greens I use!

  6. Cathy Raymond says

    So happy to see this article and the info about Guarana. I had no idea is was so good for me!

    Thank you Jenny!

  7. Dee Bibb says

    I would make popsicles and just use it as a refreshing energy boost.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this!

  8. Phyllis says

    I have been using coconut water in my morning smoothies. It would be great to have a whole case. Happy to see a new product that is completely natural!

  9. says

    I’m trying to create some craft mocktails – coconut water would be a great ingredient :) Also, my daughter LOVES this stuff… thank you!

  10. Will Bennett says

    Starting a new job in a couple weeks, 1 hour drive there and back, think I will need this help.

  11. Sara Pack says

    We love making homemade Popsicles. I also use coconut water to rehydrate when I go for a long run.

  12. Laura P. says

    We’re going to be visiting family for our granddaughter’s 2nd birthday soon!
    I can’t wait to make popsicles with this coconut water for all of us :)

  13. Jackie says

    I would drink it post- workout for a pick me up, and I would give it to my 3 athletic girls instead of those nasty other electrolyte drinks!:)

  14. nancy says

    This is so exciting – to read how many ways people use coconut water. I have been using coconut milk and after reading all the health/healing benefits, i am going to start using coconut water in my smoothies. I spend a LOT of time promoting smoothies to everyone i meet – since most of the people i meet have some kind of health issue, i tell them: HEAL YOUR GUT and most of your health problems will disappear – over time! I am hoping that one of your FREE cases of coconut water will end up on my front door! It would be a great blessing! Thank you for this opportunity to win one case!

  15. Kim says

    Most likely I’d use straight up as healthy hydration. I’d also us in my smoothies instead of water.

  16. Ashley R says

    I would probably give it to the kiddos when they are looking for something to drink other than water. It would nice to have a healthy alternative.

  17. donna says

    I would use it daily, and for days that I fast. The potassium level is awesome! I also use it in tropical cocktail drink recipes.

  18. Karen C says

    I’ve never had coconut water, so I would try it ‘straight up’ and go from there. I really need an energy boost these days, too.

  19. susan says

    i love using coconut water in my green drinks and raw “coffee” drink! it is cool refreshing and soooo good! would love to try this!

  20. Martha Lloyd says

    I drink coconut water all of the time. I would love to try making popsicles you mentioned in your blog if I won a case!

  21. sabrina says

    My 3 kiddos just started martial arts and i usually give them some coconut water during their class break. Think they will LOVE this! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  22. Aimee Jenkins says

    I have a son with autism and I am always looking for new ways to sneak in safe and healthy ingredients in his food. I can use this in smoothies and even sneak some in his milk and juice! Same plan for my other two typical children and hubby.

  23. Ericka says

    Smoothies! Popsicles! And straight up in a glass! I can think of endless ways to use a case of this marvelous stuff.

  24. louise says

    would love to try this…the packaging is so stunning…will use it for energy when our hot hot summers arrive!

  25. Christine says

    I would love to try fermenting coconut water! It is so expensive to buy coconut kefir, but it is so good for you. Making Popsicles out of it for my kids also sounds like a great idea.

  26. says

    Looks like a great product, and the packaging is beautiful! Is the contest open to Canadians? Sometimes people don’t want to ship their product over the border.

  27. Megan Sebold says

    I was just talking to a friend about making coconut water Popsicle! We are in Arizona and it is SO hot and our little ones can only drink so much water. Freezing things is such a great option!

  28. Caysee says

    I would drink it before a work out…Put it in my morning smoothies and try it in some watermelon Popsicles

  29. April says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win nature’s gatorade!
    The tips and recipes are also appreciated.
    Thanks for all you do!!

  30. Erinn says

    I love your coconut popsicle idea! My kids would eat that up and I would use it to quench my thirst when running after them in the hot summer sun!

  31. Andrea Greene says

    Thanks for this opportunity! I would definitely be making those Popsicles and just enjoy it plan too.

  32. says

    I make my own electrolyte drink to stay hydrated in the summertime, so I’d use the coconut water in that! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  33. mindy m says

    As we get into our regular triple digits here in Texas, I would be drinking it up on a daily basis to keep hydrated. Popsicles are popular with the younger crowd. And would be really helpful for my husband’s persistent leg cramps!

  34. Debbie says

    I have not tried coconut water before and would like to do so. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this give-away.

  35. Sophie Bassett says

    For my kids and husband who love sports drinks :(. They are so full of junk, and want to bring them to the other side;).

  36. Leilani says

    I would love to try this! I would really like to see if this could be a replacement for my husband’s unnatural energy drinks…

  37. Mary Beth Elderton says

    I would drink these cold and/or over ice. I’d also use them in our breakfast smoothies.

  38. Heather says

    We love to drink coconut water. I give it to my kids after their track meets and basketball games. When my husband gets a muscle cramp he drinks it due to the potassium content.

  39. Katie says

    This product looks great. I’d love to incorporate this into my daily morning routine since I definitely feel like I’m stuck in a sugary coffee rut. This could be an energy and nutrient boost I’ve been needing. Not to mention the fun afternoon non-alcoholic blended drinks I could make with this! And I absolutely need a good, healthy pick me up in the afternoon having a toddler to run after all day.

    Thanks for this fun giveaway!

  40. Analise says

    I have never tried bottled coconut water, but my husband LOVES it fresh for the green coconut!
    We lived in Belize for a year and greatly enjoyed the coconuts! Would love to try this!

  41. Annie says

    I would use it in smoothies and to hydrate myself when walking my boxer for his hour in the morning and hour in the evening!! Thank you!

  42. Jennifer says

    I’ve been wanting to try this for ages. And literally the email before this one featured coconut milk popsicles with fruit. Yum!!!

  43. Michelle says

    I have some recipes for popsicles and smoothies that have coconut water as an ingredient and I have been wanting to try the recipes. Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. Stephanie says

    Would love to try for my daughter (6) who plays soccer now in the evenings. She gets pretty sluggish, hot and tired. Have heard that coconut water helps. :)

  45. Julia Erlikh says

    I’d love to try this brand!! Straight cold drink would my preferred way to drink it! Thank you!!

  46. Suzy says

    Definitely using it to make morning smoothies, after a workout, and during the day to stay hydrated in a healthy way!

  47. Brandon says

    I’m taking intensive Burmese language classes this summer, and I sure could use a pick me up for the last hour in every 4 hour day!

  48. sima says

    I would use it in popsicles and smoothies for sure, but I’ve always wanted to try water kefir so maybe that as well!

  49. Teresa says

    My mother has a brain disorder called chiari malformation. She absolutely LOVES coconut water and can actually tolerate it, despite her many allergies. If I won this coconut water, I’d give the entire amount to my beautiful mother. :-) #fingers crossed!

  50. Megan says

    I’d love to win this. I’m just starting to cook with coconut products and had my first bottle of coconut water last week. I’m learning new things each day!

  51. Beth says

    I mostly use coconut water in smoothies. I’m wondering though, if I could put a couple of drops of a citrus essential oil in it and drink it….I might just have to give that a try. :)

  52. Nina says

    I love making this refreshing drink: Coconut water, fresh grated ginger, lime juice, sprinkle of Himalayan salt, and a handful of ice. Blend all ingredients and serve. Great on any hot, humid day and especially after a long run.

    I also use Coconut water in place of chicken stock or water to make my brown rice. Yummy!

  53. Janelle says

    I am new to coconut water, so it sounds like I am in for a new delight! I have 6 littles under the age of 14, so I’m sure a case would be gone pretty quickly. I like to drink a pseudo “tea” by adding chlorophyll to water, plus various herbal glycerin tinctures. Coconut water just might take it to a new level! Thanks for the introduction to it’s merits, even if ‘m not a winner! :)

  54. Cyndy says

    I like your idea of coconut water popsicles. I also use coconut water in my smoothies instead of tap water. I love it!

  55. Jessica says

    We LOVE coconut water around our house. We live in Arizona where the summer climate is HOT! We drink it daily, use it in smoothies and make fruit Popsicles for the kiddos.

  56. says

    Yes coconut water…what a lovely drink and since we don’t grow coconuts here in Maine…a case of coconut water would be DeLightful! Thanks

  57. sandra says

    I would drink it and make popsicles for my children and grandchildren. They always know that grandma has popsicles and ice cream on hand,

  58. Bailey says

    I would use it in my smoothies as a delicious alternative to yogurt and milk! Also, since I do a lot of volunteering outside in the hot summer, coconut water is a great way to keep me hydrated.

  59. Becka says

    I would use it in my tropical & green smoothies for a great nutritional boost! Thanks for the chance to win!

  60. Jen says

    I’m new to drinking coconut water and I love it. I was thinking I would like to try to make coconut water “jello” with Great Lakes gelatin.

  61. lee says

    Popsicles, smoothies, frozen banana “ice cream” — that’s how I’d start using a case of this water! And I might even share some with my classmates at Nutritional Weight and Wellness in St. Paul.

  62. Melissa says

    I would use this to actually try coconut water – I never have, but have been really curious about it. I think that, in addition to drinking it plain, I’d make popsicles!

    Thanks so much for doing this!

  63. Jennifer says

    I would love to make some frozen fruit pops using some of that delicious coconut water. Since we have a couple lactose intolerant family members, the coconut and almond products are wonderful! Thanks for the opportunity to try this new kind.

  64. Karyn in MT says

    I do use it every morning and in the afternoon, put 2 cups in the blender, 1 cup spinach, 2 cups pineapple, then blend. I swear I have withdraws if I don’t get my smoothie!

  65. Kathy says

    I would drink this. I would give it to my child who is a baseball nut. :) I think i could also include it in smoothies of someone doesn’t want to know he is having something healthy. Thanks for the opportunity.

  66. maria brubeck says

    I’m thrilled to learn about guarana coconut water! I already rely on coconut water to keep my electrolytes up, and the addition of guarana sounds like just the thing to keep me going while running after my two-year-old boy.

  67. a8ala says

    Smoothies for breakfast sounds great.
    Guarana is too much caffeine for me to drink later in the day.
    And I wouldn’t give it to kids. Use plain coconut water for that.

  68. Tammy says

    Mmmmmm…. This coconut water sounds great. I love the energy boost. Right now, I’m loving thirsty Buddha mango, but I’d love to switch it up!

  69. Michele says

    This is one of the best drinks to use to hydrate during and after a workout – that’s how I would use this product!

  70. Beverly Bailey says

    Love your idea for popsicles, I would use it to make coconut kefir, drinking for energy as well as smoothies! Thank you for the chance to win!

  71. Katie says

    Yum! I use it in smoothies, as an electrolyte drink, in popsicles, to make turmeric wellness shots…

  72. Marcella Hammond says

    My whole family loves coconut water, especially on hot summer days. In fact, my 2 year old would probably be content to drink nothing else!

  73. Lillian Hughes says

    I would chill it and drink it on summer m ornings for a pick-me-up. I would also use it in smoothies and in my watermelon popsicles (blended watermelon with a hint of lemon or ginger frozne in popsicle molds)

  74. Karyn in MT says

    And I forgot to say that way up here in Montana I can only get 8 oz cans of Zola, It is the only brand I could find in town. So I use about a can a day, do you know how much more ecological it would be and save money as well!

  75. Pamela says

    What an awesome treat! I use it to drink to refresh myself and when making my coconut cake, and smoothies. I will have to give the popsicles a try instead of using almond milk.
    Thanks for this chance to win a case!

  76. Deanna says

    I have 5 teens, sometimes 7 at my home regularly (19, 18, 16, 16 are our kids) 19, is a boy we took in, and on occasion we have one or two of their friends around! So the possibilities are endless for use! Smoothies, infused quinoa or rice dishes. . . oooh yeah, coconut/pineapple/mango granita on these warmer days. :) Thanks for the opportunity, and for wonderful ideas to feed my family + healthy and wholesome foods. :)

  77. herin im says

    I would replace some coffee with coconut water in the morning for energy boost! ALSO, I would drink coconut water after a nice day of surfing in hawaii!!

  78. Tracey Grant says

    I would love to try making coconut water kefir with it, as well as use it in morning smoothies. And drink it plain, of course!

  79. Jodie says

    boy, there are so many things i could do with this coconut water. It would be great in my green smoothies in the morning and in my peanut butter fudge pops and in my hibiscus iced tea, fruit and veggie pops, as an afternoon pickme up. I love coconut water. tysm for the chance to win.

  80. Anne says

    I live in Florida (we are headed into the hottest season for us) and have two boys that have only one speed: run. The extra energy on top of the vitamins in the coconut water would provide my family a major boost needed to get through the sticky summer heat.

  81. Constance Oliver says

    I would use it by drinking it plain/straight, from the fridge, during or after tough summer workouts.

  82. Ashley Zierott says

    My 2 year old son loves smoothies! And I’m a nursing mother with a newborn, smoothies are so convenient for nutrition and hydration! A case of coconut water would be gone in no time!

  83. birdy says

    I use Coconut Water for so many things I do not know where to begin! But my favorite way to use it is to drink it straight from the container, doesn’t even have to be cold because I so love the taste. Having Rheumatoid Arthritis, I have to be especially careful with my kidneys, and since drinking Coconut Water, I rarely have any problems with my kidneys anymore unless I run out of Coconut Waters.

  84. Leah Gillis says

    I have a 2 year old daughter who LOVES coconut milk, I would love for her to try this!! And I have a 3 month old son who would love that in his milk =)….. Don’t worry, he’s breastfed!

  85. Megan says

    I would love to use this as a yummy way to keep my husband and I hydrated for the coming swelter of summer. He works outside, so it would be especially helpful for him to beat the heat!

  86. Sarah says

    I would definitely use it in Popsicles to keep my kids hydrated this summer. It would also be great to bring on some hikes we have planned for the summer.

  87. simone says

    I am nine months pregnant and would love a case of organic coconut milk for my delivery. My favorite is fresh coconut water but I know cracking open a young coconut is going to be the last thing on my mind when this baby decides to come. Plus it’s hard to find organic packaged coconut water where I live. So this would be wonderful to have on hand! Plus I’m certain my midwife and doula would love it too!

  88. Karen Mullinax says

    I grew up drinking the water straight from the coconut. I just love it and so does my daughter! I would make smoothies or add it to my green juices yumm!! Hope to be one of the lucky winners!

  89. Hilary says

    I would love to try this guarana coconut water in my green smoothies and after I attend a hot yoga session. I look forward to testing it with Popsicles with the kids. I really love your site.Thanks so much.

  90. Teresa says

    I don’t have much experience with coconut water I understand it freezes well and is a refreshing drink but does the guarana make it harder to freeze?

  91. Daniel H says

    Drink it plain, though I’d probably add it to smoothies and some other things I find to do with it.

  92. Willow says

    I would use it in my morning smoothie with a frozen banana, chocolate protein powder, greens, and peanut butter.

  93. Michelle Dickinson says

    My son has an intestinal issue and easily become dehydrated during episodes. We use coconut water to keep him hydrated and his electrolytes balanced.

  94. Kari says

    I’d drink it up! There are some good ideas in these comments that I might try… Esp. The Popsicles. That sounds refreshing :)

  95. lola says

    drink it as is or add to cooking with 9 grandkids here and the temps near 100 it would be great for them too

  96. Karen L says

    I would love to try this coconut water. With six of us in our family, we would probably go through a case of it pretty fast – drink it, make tea with it, popsicles, smoothies & slushies.

  97. Devon Hernandez says

    This sounds amazing! I love coconut water, and I’d use this in my morning smoothies or as a thirst quencher after picking produce in the field from our CSA! Thanks for the giveaway! :-)

  98. Brad says

    I’d like to drink it straight. Make popsicles and smoothies and maybe try baking and even cooking with :)

  99. Angela says

    We use coconut water to make popcicles! My kids love to put fresh cut up fruit in the popcicle mold and pour coconut water over it and freeze.

  100. Kim Sim says

    I would put add the coconut water to fresh or raw aloe vera and blend it up to make a smoothie which I will drink every morning!

  101. Calli Stromner says

    I love using coconut water in my smoothies to lighten things up and provide a hint of sweetness.

  102. Emily says

    What a great idea! I have been using coconut milk for the liquid in smoothies, but coconut water would add quite a bit to my summer snacking repertoire!

  103. Sue Young says

    I love coconut water. I usually keep a case of it around, but have never tried this brand. I hope to win! Thank you for the chance.

  104. Sara Z says

    I would drink it straight after workouts and breastfeeding, use it for popsicles for the kids, and put it in our family smoothies!

  105. Natasha says

    Ooo ice pops sound like a great idea! I just made some gelatin ones for my toddler and he LOVES coconut water.

  106. Katie McKane says

    Our Texas summers are pretty intense, so I was thinking that spiking a watermelon with the coconut water would be a fun, cool and tasty way to hydrate the kids when we go picnicking at the river. Popsicles would be super tasty too.

  107. says

    I’m sure I’d drink one right off the bat. I would give some to my husband who works as a gardener to keep in his truck. I would make some pops for my son and us. I would also pack one or two in my disaster preparedness box. Lastly, I ‘d pack two in my doula bag, one for me and one for the birthing mother! (though I’d have to check on guarana during childbirth.) Usually I make ginger bug soda pop with coconut and lime for such occasions!

  108. says

    I would use it to make coconut kefir, make popsicles with it, and give it to my 6 year old, 18 month old daughter and husband everyday for a perfect summer refreshment.

  109. Tonia says

    I would definitely make popsicles for my two little girls. My older one is into making popsicles with cut up fruit in juice – sounds like coconut water would be perfect for that!

  110. Jen Jomier says

    I’m spending the summer training for a race in the fall and would use the case of coconut water to hydrate after long runs. I recently read some great coconut popsicle recipes that use coconut water too – a healthy way to stay cool under the sun. xx

  111. Donna says

    I would take this to the gym whenever I work out! I love anything coconut, & bet I would love this…

  112. Johnni says

    I’d use it on my smoothies and on my walks. I love cocoanut water! Thanks for this opportunity to win a case of this.

  113. Diane says

    With four kids in the house who are always thirsty during the summer months, this would be a great!! Thanks!

  114. Nikki Pogorzelski says

    What a great prize! I would drink half and use the other half for popsicles. I would definitely share these with my friends.

  115. Katherine says

    I use coconut water in smoothies and also drink it during the day for a pick-me-up to replace caffeine.

  116. Ann S. says

    I’ve never had coconut water before. I would try it, of course! If I didn’t like it, I would use it to make a fabulous soap

  117. Michelle says

    I would love to try making popsicles or smoothies with the organic coconut water for my four boys. Yummy!

  118. Sue Ellen Camden-Lee says

    I love your coconut water and in the South there is nothing better to dehydrate after working outside in the garden and completing all the farm chores that we do here at Spicewood on a daily basis. Coconut water gets us through the day and I hand it out to all my helpers as well. Thanks.

  119. Lisa Christiansen says

    I would use it both plain and in smoothie recipes – my granddaughter always wants me to buy sports drinks and fortified/vitamin water – this is so much healthier and delicious!

  120. Heidi says

    “Organic Gemini Guarana Coconut Energy” water!? Never heard of them but so excited to know it’s available! They would be perfect for our big four sons, who will need revitalizing coconut water for their stressful college studies! Your idea of coconut water popsicles is fabulous. I hope to try them out someday! Thank you for the great giveaway :)

  121. Melissa Fawley says

    Sounds so delicious! I’d use this to hydrate my 6 children after their outside chores and summer activities:) Also the popsicles would be wonderful to try! Thanks for the giveaway!

  122. Kristen says

    I am trying to make a good electrolyte replacement drink for my husband. Coconut water alone and with other simple ingredients should do the trick!! finding some great recipes using coconut water for this.

  123. says

    Working this hot summer on the farm every day and standing out in the sweltering heat at farmers markets….whoa, I can’t imagine anything we need more than healthful coconut water!!! Thanks for this giveaway!

  124. Sandra says

    Oh, my! Let me count the ways. The first one out of the case I would just chug…because it’s hot, and this coconut water is soooo refreshing. I love it as a soup base for cold fruit summer soups. And what better snack for the 16 grandkids than homemade coconut pops, made with real fruits blended into the ccnut milk. I’d hide a few for hubby and me as well, of course. And fruit smoothies are the bomb with ccnut water. I even use it in my coffee instead of cream. I would also use it to make tea instead of plain water. Coconut water, how do I love thee?! Let me count the endless possibilities!!!! Thank you Organic Gemini and Nourished Kitchen!

  125. Vanessa says

    I’d stay hydrated on a bottle-a-day down here in the sweaty Georgia summer! I’m already melting–please send coconut water! 😉

  126. cindy tessier says

    i haven’t tried coconut water but want to now! i would use it in some of the same ways i do filtered water. i think it would be great to use when cooking rice. i would def put it in a smoothie or drink it chilled when i go hiking/biking.

  127. Michelle M says

    I would use them in our morning breakfast and post work out smoothies. Thank you for the opportunity.

  128. Joan H says

    I love to drink coconut water, but I also recently found a recipe for gummies that uses coconut water, so I am wanting to try that also.

  129. Betty says

    I made some amazing better-than-gatorade with coconut water that could really help my teenage daughter stay hydrated in her athletic training and lacrosse summer league.

  130. Tami Jo Eaton says

    I am so ready to make these popsicles. I recently had the stomach flu and knew that coconut water was the best thing for me.

  131. amber says

    i would use it for smoothies for the four littles and me and maybe after swimming! we are always thirsty here in az, and cant usually afford to buy it!

  132. Indra says

    I LOVE coconut water!! I’d keep it in the fridge at work so there would always be a healthy alternative to soda.

  133. LCM says

    I would use some as refreshment when we are boating. I would also add some to smoothies and would likely make some popsicles as you did since I have new popsicle molds. This product sounds awesome!

  134. Heidi says

    I would give the case to my son, who is a ballet dancer. He uses coconut water to stay hydrated during and after classes.

  135. Jackie says

    It sounds so delicious. I would love to try this product. I first had coconut water in Brazil 15 years ago and can’t get enough of it!

  136. Gabrielle says

    Love Coconut Water for keeping the family hydrated and all the lovely minerals and nutrients! Would take it hiking with my daughter!

  137. Sylvia says

    I would use the coconut water to give to my 11 year old son (instead of gatorade) after his daily performance course workout that he is doing this summer.

  138. Nora says

    Mmmm….let’s see, i’d drink it straight up. in smoothies and would try my hand at making popsicles.

  139. Symatha says

    I am not a huge fan of coconut water, but I am dying to be. I am hoping that with the case I will find a brand that I adore.

  140. Missy says

    I would love to try it in my morning smoothie, try the pop cycle recipe and drink it straight from the bottle. :)

  141. Roxana S. says

    I would drink it straight or add it to veggie juices and smoothies to boost nutrition but mostly I want to cut up some fresh fruit and make ice pops with it :O)

  142. Leanne says

    I would give it mostly to my husband mixed in a green drink. He needs all the nutrition he can get as his epilepsy has become unstable.

  143. Sarah says

    I would love to try this coconut water! I’ve been using coconut milk as my dairy replacement for a few years, but I’ve recently started discovering more of the magic in coconuts. I would love the chance to try to help my kids switch from a lot of the junk they like to something MUCH healthier for them. I could also use the boost (I’m a chronic insomniac with chronic epstein barr – Energy is my friend!). Either way, thanks for sharing all you do. Wonderful!

  144. Kate says

    I’d use the coconut water to try making water kefir and to keep myself hydrated while working on the farm!

  145. Roxie McD says

    I have two athletes who love coconut anything! Their favorite way to drink it is in smoothies or with some pineapple and crushed ice.

  146. says

    I would drink it straight and add it to my morning protein superfood smoothie! I’d also like to try making coconut water kefir. I tried making coconut water kefir using kefir grains before, but it didn’t turn out so well. So I think like you I’d try it with the Body Ecology Kefir Starter this time.

    I have a question on coconut kefir too… if you used grains, would you use milk kefir grains or water kefir grains? I’ve heard of some people using each successfully. I’m leaning toward water kefir grains because they are designed to ferment sweet water, whereas milk kefir grains are designed and evolved to use dairy milk. I’d really like to know what you think. Thanks!

  147. Debra kay Rowley says

    With the heat of summer beginning I will drink all of it, by itself or mixed in home made frozen pops or mixed drinks.

  148. Jennifer says

    I think I would try making some popsicles as well as put this in my husband’s lunch. He works nights and this would definitely be a healthier alternative to energy drinks or coffee. Thank you for this opportunity.

  149. kathleen viviano says

    I would chill it and have my family drink it in this warm weather to fight the cramps we all seem to get.

  150. Susan says

    I think it sounds like the perfect leg cramp antidote! -And I’m thinking coconut rice pudding…
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  151. Carmela says

    I use coconut water in my cooking when I want to add additional nutrition to a meal. For example when my daughter was sick and dehydated I made watery oatmeal with coconut water to get those extra elements into her.

  152. Liz says

    Love coconut water and this brand sounds terrific! I would use this coconut water in our smoothies, Popsicles and straight up! Thank you for offering this!

  153. Kathrine Harvey says

    Smoothies, smoothies, smoothies! I love coconut water in my morning greenie! But I also love it straight up, chilled from the fridge, so a case wouldn’t be hanging around my kitchen for very long! :)

  154. Julie says

    What a great give away! I would love to try this just the way it is, mixed into smoothies, and made into popsicles! Thank you!

  155. jo n says

    Popsicles are and awesome idea!! I like coconut water for my diabetes and the afternoon slump is sometimes staved off with coffee or some other form of caffeine. The Guarana Coconut Energy Water would be the best of both worlds.

  156. Kevin says

    I would make those wonderful Mango Coconut pops… that combo.
    I would also drink it straight cause I need that energy kick.

  157. Nora says

    I would just drink it. It does wonders for hydration which is important because I live in FL and I’m almost 60. Makes your skin youthful…

  158. SJ Roragen says

    I’ve not tried this brand before and definitely will be looking for it! I like coconut water cold for an afternoon pick-me-up.

  159. Laurie S. says

    I would drink it. I would also try sneaking it into the kids foods, smoothies, popsicles, etc. They haven’t been fond of any coconut water I’ve given them yet, but we haven’t tried this brand.

  160. Jody G says

    This is a great idea!! What would I do with a case of Organic Gemini coconut water?? For starters I have a large family that would enjoy coconut smoothies. My husband could try his hand at coconut water kefir. And what can I say about popsicles!! It’s summer! :)

  161. Jamie Low says

    I use coconut water like so many others – after a hard workout and in smoothies. When I was on a detox I even used it to make Thai inspired soups and dishes (such as creamy sweet potato or butternut squash soup…yummmm).

  162. Leslie Strobel says

    I love using coconut water in smoothies with berries and banana and kale or spinach and whatever else I feel like throwing in!
    I also just like it over ice!

  163. says

    I’d add it to my green smoothies! I love the idea of the coconut pops, so I will have to make those whether I win or not! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  164. Deanna says

    We live in Florida and summer is pretty hot. In spite of that, my son & I stay pretty active, and we do try to keep hydrated. I get plain coconut water sometimes & I’d love to try this kind, too. Sounds great in popsicles; will be trying that soon!

  165. Emily Elizabeth says

    I’d love to take a case along with me when I go camping, or grab one on the way out before a hike in the woods. I love the idea of using it to make popcicles as well, as a cool treat for a hot summer day.

  166. Jess Wermager says

    I would use it for, smoothies, popsicles and as a way to recharge and rehydrate for my new work out plan!!!

  167. Peggy Davis says

    This would be great in my attempt to serve my husband the best nutritionally based foods to
    aid him in the recovery from a heart attack.

  168. Heather says

    Gosh, so many ways! I make coconut milk kefir but would love to try this with the kefir starter. Definitely popsicles and smoothies as well as drinking over ice. Maybe some sort of granita also? Thanks for the opportunity!

  169. Kerry says

    I have a hard time getting my daughter to drink water but she loves coconut water and it has the added bonus of nutrients.

  170. Ryan says

    I use coconut water to hydrate myself while on extended bike rides as it allows me to slightly reduce the amount of weight since coconut water seems to hydrate me easier than spring water while riding!

  171. Angela says

    I would drink it straight, add it to cooking, try to get my kids to enjoy it too….making popsicles sounds like fun too!

  172. says

    I would use it in my morning smoothie, and make sure hubby drinks it – especially when he’s mowing the lawn on these 95 degree days!

  173. Shelia H says

    I can’t wait to try this! I’m newly committed to getting myself into shape and eating healthier, and the more tools I have in my repertoire, the better my chances for success!!

    I love coconut water, and I’m not a fan of sports drinks, so this sounds like it was basically made for me!
    It appeals to me that Organic Gemini should be a sustainable, Fair Trade, eco-friendly product!

  174. nanci mckoy says

    I LOVE coconut water. I drink it straight out of the box, cook with it and use it in my smoothies. Bring it on! I will lap it up. Nanci

  175. Beth says

    My kids and I would love to use the coconut water for popsicles this summer! They are always looking for something cool in the afternoon and I would be so happy to give them a healthy, nourishing snack!

  176. Nicole F says

    I would drink it! And make popsicles it is so hot here! I love Guarana….I used to drink guarana soda when I was in Brazil

  177. Naomi says

    I would replenish my electrolytes after my workout. I would also want my son who is an avid body builder to try and see the difference between a drink like Gatorade and What Coconut Water could do for him.. I bet he would be hooked. I think i will get him to try it even if we don’t win.

  178. Dawn says

    I love using coconut water in my morning smoothies, especially after a run. The kids love coconut water, banana and strawberry Popsicles!

  179. terry j says

    love coconut water after playing tennis and working in the garden. I use it to make a chocolate milkshake using coconut water and milk, tahini and chocolate and banana.

  180. Vicky says

    I would love to use for smoothies, popsicles, and straight up. I would also like to try making tea with it.

  181. Kerstin S. says

    Speaking of Fermenting (last post) I’m learning how to ferment water kefir and would like to try this instead of sugar water solution.

  182. Brenda :D says

    Hay season is coming and when I’m out raking hay, it’s so wonderful to have a cool drink waiting back at the truck for me. I’d love to be sipping the coconut energy water! :)

  183. Jamie Winger says

    I was just thinking about picking up some coconut water today for smoothies. Great idea to culture it!

  184. Jennifer says

    I have seen great recipes using coconut water that I would love to try, but who am I kidding…I would probably just drink it before getting around to making anything. I find it soooo refreshing!

  185. Michelle says

    I’d love to win. I have 3 auto-immune diseases plus diabetes, and I’m struggling to be able to afford things like this to help me get better.

  186. Stephanie Rouzer says

    I love to mix coconut water with fruit, and I get my kids to drink it that way also. I want to get my husband to drink it more often.

  187. Kaitlin says

    I would drink them to make sure I kept up my potassium while staying hydrated throughout this summer. I’ve heard that there is more potassium in one bottle than in a banana! (Plus, it doesn’t send your insulin on a spike like bananas do!) Thanks for doing this great giveaway!

  188. Debbie says

    I have yet to try coconut water and am so excited to give it a try! I’m new to clean eating and love, love, love your blog! Learning so much!!

  189. Teresa says

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I would probably drink a few, but my son would drink most of them because he has food allergies. He loves coconut water, and it would be a real treat for him! :)

  190. Erwin says

    I would give them to my grandson whenever he came over this summer. It would be a healthier alternative to all of the other energy drinks out there!

  191. Patty Ovington says

    I would make popsicles for my grandbabies and drink some every day just to stay in tip top shape! My daughter is getting ready to have a baby in the next month so she would greatly benefit from drinking coconut water in her recovery.

  192. Ina says

    I’ve not heard of this brand or the addition of Guarana but it sounds great. I love the flavor and refreshing quality of coconut water. I’d use for hot days working outside, as a basis for smoothies, fruit based drinks, puddings, I can think of lots of ways to use it!

  193. mary says

    i’ve never really tried coconut water…soooo expensive. but from what i’ve read, it does sound wonderful.

  194. Jennifer W says

    We would use it in smoothies and as a refreshing drink on for the upcoming hot July and August days.

  195. says

    Love your idea of popcicles!! They would be perfect right about now in the heat. And added energy is ALWAYS a plus with a defunct thyroid!

  196. Sabrina Parnell says

    I would drink it every day. I have never tried coconut water but I would like to. I hear it is quite tasty. Thank you for such a great contest.

  197. Samantha says

    I love coconut water and drink it daily. I’d use it up very quickly, but the Popsicles sound wonderful for the summer, I’d love to give them a tray.

  198. Bernadette says

    What would I do with a case of coconut water? Why, DRINK IT, of course! I love coconut water & it has become my go-to beverage of choice for hydration (or REhydrating) when it’s hot outside & I’m gardening, tending to our fowl, or doing a weed & herb collection walk in the woods.

  199. Laurie says

    I would definitely use it in popsicles and to make the coconut kefir, which our family enjoys. I also add it to our smoothies.

  200. Tess says

    I love drinking coconut water plain, especially on Sunday mornings I drink a whole liter before leaving the house to sing in the worship band.

  201. Stephanie says

    I would give a couple away to everyone in my family. And I would probably use it to make coconut kefir.

  202. Peggy Gnehm says

    I love coconut water, and drink it often on hot summer days. I’m looking forward to trying this new brand.

  203. jessica zeffery says

    I would enjoy it as my morning coffee replacement. As a mother of 4 I like to get up early and get my day started well before my little blessings awake from their slumber :) i drank coconut water during labor and I will tell you it is tremendously more beneficial and enjoyable than anything else to drink during that time. drinking coconut water will forever reconnect me to the time i brought my fourth child into my arms.

  204. Jennifer Perry says

    I would use it for my morning piña colada smoothie or one of the other smoothies I make. I’d also have my 16 year old daughter drink it instead of the coffee she drinks to help her focus with her ADHD. We both love coconut water and would love the chance to try this great new product! Thanks for the chance.

  205. Sarah Wick says

    I would use up the case in my post workout smoothie. As a college student it is rare to be able to afford to add liquids other than water, so I would use it when I really feel like I deserve it, like after reaching a fitness goal. It would definitely help to motivate me!

  206. Randa says

    My husband would use it – he works outside installing solar panels and it’s HOT on the roof of their current job!

  207. says

    to rehydrate and replace electrolytes while surveying sea turtles, gopher tortoises, black bears, and snakes in the hot, humid, sticky panhandle of Florida! I sweat tons and this would put me right back in the game!

  208. Tanna says

    My youngest son just started football practice so it would be great to win the coconut water to give him after practice. What a great way to hydrate and nourish at the same time

  209. Tahseen says

    What perfect timing! My 8 yr old came home, red faced and sweaty after being outside for a bit. I would love to have some coconut water or popsicles made for him to rehydrate after playing hard. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  210. Deb says

    I love reading reading your blog!
    I began a “new life” of healthy eating along with exercising daily, 4 months ago. I have never felt better, and the coconut water would be awesome after a long run! Thanks for the opportunity…..

  211. Sue D says

    We would use these to quench our thirst on hot days on the farm and I would also like to make popsicles.

  212. Mary says

    I work in a warehouse in the Southwest, so it gets extremely hot. This coconut water is perfect for rehydrating and giving me some energy back!
    P.s. I don’t think one case is enough!

  213. Ashley says

    Coconut water would be a huge blessing to me! I have 3 kids ages 5, 3, and almost 1 and I have been trying to get back in the swing of regular exercise. I have hashimotos, so anything which helps my energy levels is more than welcome!

  214. Nicole says

    Yay!! I am sooo excited!! Coconut water is my lifeline, year round. But especially in the summer! I have thyroid disease and Chronic Epstein Barr Virus…so needless to say, I am not winning in the energy department. It is going to be a tough work schedule for me the rest of this summer, so I would use this awesome coconut water to survive and get through my days!!

  215. Karilyn Harper says

    I freeze cubes of coconut water and add them to my smoothies, I’ve also used it in popsicles and I add it to my juice mixes, I LOVE coconut water, and I would LOVE to win a case, it would definitely be put to good use!

  216. says

    I would actually use it in my smoothies every day and just drink it straight after a nice Zumba workout! I can hardly afford the cost of Coconut Water these days – so winning a case would be WINNING for me!!!

  217. Karen says

    What a great idea! I am always looking for something “special” to offer my kids. They often feel left out because they aren’t allowed all of the commercial sugary bone leaching drinks their friends get to guzzle down. And they are crazy about popsicles, but have to have homemade, this would be something new! Double WIN!!!

  218. Shelley says

    I would love to win the coconut water. I’d make smoothies with it and popsicles for my granddaughters.

  219. Nickalli Braaten says

    Mmmm… Popsicles sound amazing! Smoothies, a refreshing drink… yum!! I would loveto win!!

  220. Kelly says

    I would add to my smoothies, make Popsicles and drink after a hot day in the sun. I have not ever tried it before, so I am sure I would find many other wonderful “uses”.

  221. lori says

    I have my own greenhouse business and I get very hot out in the sun watering and waiting on customers. I would love to cool off with a daily bottle of icy cold coconut water!

  222. Marie says

    I love drinking coconut water anytime, but especially on a hot summer day! I’ve never seen it paired with guarana and would love to try it out!

  223. Devin says

    I’m planning a cross-country hiking expedition this summer and could definitely use the extra electrolytes. Trying to keep things on the cheap too, so free is always good.

  224. April Zimmerman says

    I’d love to try a delicious healthy popsicle from the guarana coconut water. We’d use it for a cold treat, for smoothies, just to drink and for after working with the animals and in the garden in our farm.

  225. Megan says

    I’d love to win this! Coconut water is delicious, but it’s too expensive to be a regular purchase.

  226. Alberta Willers says

    I would use the coconut water in my smoothies, my husband loves to drink coconut water for his health problems (prostate cancer) and I have been trying to incorporate coconut water into other things such as jello. I would really like to win this coconut water.

  227. Doris says

    Our large family of 10 would enjoy this quickly in a smoothie or after a great hike. I might even save one for an emergency when a little one gets too dehydrated.

  228. dee m says

    I love to use coconut water in my smoothies using locally grown blueberries and strawberries. I find it very refreshing over ice as well. Thank you for the chance to win such awesome goodness! :)

  229. Erin Ellis says

    Between my hubby and I we would enjoy them all in no time! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  230. says

    My family & I would add this coconut water to our ice cream maker and make energy-boosting coconut shaved ice! Also, my 2 yr old would love this straight up after playing outside. I’m a nursing mom with a newborn and I love how he gets the benefits of what I consume through the milk — coconut water is great for nursing moms! (And everyone, for that matter). So many great health benefits to pass along. Thank you for refreshing the idea of coconut water for us! We had overlooked its greatness for awhile and are happy to have it on board again as our summertime hydration ally.

    • Jenny says

      Nalla, as a caution I wouldn’t give this to a 2 year old because the caffeine is probably not appropriate for their little bodies.

  231. Larry says

    Outside of taking machete to fresh young coconuts, packaged water over chipped ice is a nice hot evening refresher.

  232. corrina says

    I would replace my morning coffee with it!! Then I would show everyone at work my new coffee replacement. … I work in holistic medicine, it will be a big hit at work. Maybe I would even share the case!!

  233. says

    I would drink it just as it is, add in smothies, make kefir w it, chia pudding, mix it with concentrated dark cherry juice, and more…

  234. Linda Montalvo. says

    I would share it with my daughter. She has lupus and I was in a bad car accident. It would be a great help in healing us.

  235. Bunny says

    Let me count the ways! I have not yet tried Gemini Guarana Coconut Energy drink, but I go through at least 10 cans of coconut water a week. I always have several in my fridge and mostly just drink it straight, or with a little organic pineapple juice added. Aloe juice is also a good addition, and a great internal healer. I use coconut water in my smoothies as well as to make a sorbet with pureed mango or strawberries. Sometimes I add a little coconut or almond milk to that mix, making it more like sherbet or gelato. I haven’t tried it as popsicles, but now I will.
    The guarana is a fabulous idea! Who doesn’t need a little more energy sometimes, especially if you can get it in such a healthy drink. Can’t wait to try the Gemini brand.

  236. Pat Nelson says

    I’m 62 and need all the help I can get in staying hydrated & energized while outside working in my garden in this hot Florida sunshine. I would also love to try the popsicle recipe and add it to our smoothies.

  237. says

    I would put it in the fridge, in the waaaayyyy back – so none of my lovely children will find it (he he he) and then enjoy it in the quiet moments of my day! Yummmmm!

  238. Lisa Jennings says

    Using it in popsicles would be awesome. Funny before reading the email with this contest link I had an email from Purewow for popsicles using coconut water!

  239. Nina says

    I’d definitely make popsicles……so many ways yo help the kids enjoy the summer! Totally agree with diluting the caffeine out with other ingredients for the kiddos……awesome giveaway!

  240. Kathryn says

    I would make coconut wine spritzer and sip it while I take a nice soothing coconut bath wearing a clay mask made from coconut water.
    The next day ill work in my garden drinking fresh fermented coconut lemonaid. Then I’ll make a delightful coconut soup for lunch. Then I will make some coconut strawberry yogurt Popsicles for my grandchildren (we gotta share) and of course my family. Dinner will consist of coconut Ted roobios tea. As you can see, I can go on and on! Coconut water is soooo good and good for you❤

  241. Annetta says

    sounds delicious! love learning about good, safe foods we can incorporate in our diets! Especially easy ones.

  242. Holly says

    I would give some to my sister who usually gives both of her kids Gatorade at their soccer games, and I would put a lot of it in my green smoothies.

  243. Ilene says

    some things should just be savored by them selves. I would chill it in the fridge and sip it from an icy glass.

  244. Fabs says

    It is a daily challenge for me to stay hydrated as a pasture-based farmer. And an energy boost? Oh yeah, bring it on! Thanks for this offer!

  245. Amy N says

    I have tried coconut water but did not really care for the brand that I tried. I would love to try this brand because I really want to like coconut water and for my family to like it too!

  246. steffanie says

    would love to try this coconut water in popsicles & smoothies this summer! Thanks for running the contest!

  247. Rebecca H says

    My mother has medical problems that lead to massive dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. This would be going to her – while gatoraide helps, I’d *really* prefer a natural option.

  248. April S. says

    My husband is a union carpenter and I’m always looking for the best way to keep him hydrated and replenish those minerals. I love coconut water and especially LOVE your idea to add it to popsicles.

  249. Janis Rowland says

    I would have to check the recipes in my copy of your new cookbook because I haven’t cooked with coconut water before. But I have been wanting to so winning would be awesome!

  250. Catherine Clark says

    We use a lot of coconut water. DH has a feeding tube due to throat cancer, and makes his own tube foods. Raw coconut water is an important part of his blends.

  251. Anna says

    As much as I like coconuts and everything what made out of them I am a bit skeptical . I am on GAPS and caffein containing drinks are not allowed . Secondly , as I understood it made from concentrate , not plain coconut water ….. My husband obviously would like to drink it especially if it would be in a fermented form , though :) sorry , guys , to be a party pooper , everybody so excited about this new product , but I have to watch very careful what I eat due to my health problem .

    • Jemma says

      I’d love to make smoothies with coconut water. I’d encourage my husband to use it in his cycling bottle too.

  252. says

    It’s perfect for me to stay hydrated during this active summer with kids! I’d also take it with me to photo shoots and weddings (I’m a photographer) to stay energized!

  253. Julie Lewis says

    I am new to CW, so if I won the case, I would explore many possibilities! Smoothies, over ice, ice cream, kefir, lots of things to try…..

  254. Ruthann says

    Aside from drinking it straight up chilled, I’d love to try making the popsicles as it is HOT here in the South and I love making healthy treats for my young ones (ones that mama can feel good about indulging in once in a while too!).

  255. Sheryl says

    We work outside until all summer and it’s a challenge to stay hydrated without overdoing the caffeine and/or sugar. We would love to try this product and see how it works for us!