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A Look at Our Food Budget

The subject of money comes up a lot, especially for those real food newbies who are not quite sure how to make the transition from a standard American diet of prepackaged, convenience foods to wholesome, real foods.  The cost of grass-fed meat, raw milk, wild-caught fish and organic vegetables can really add up over time…. 

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Reader Questions: Beef Suet, Kombucha and Budgets

I receive a lot of emails at Nourished Kitchen from readers who love cooking traditional foods, but still have questions.  You might be wondering about how long you should cook your stock, what went wrong with your homemade yogurt or how to feed your children fermented foods they’ll actually like.  Once a week, I’ll be… 

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Good, Better, Best: Traditional Foods for Every Budget

Let’s face it: not everyone has access to the highest quality of food at all times. Nor is pastured chicken and biodynamically grown vegetables available in every area, but we should all be working in that direction. So here’s a simple guide.   When the very best is available and within your price range: buy… 

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Budget Tips

It’s a constant theme in conversations I hear: “I can’t afford to eat organic foods.” That’s exactly what Nourished Kitchen is here to battle. Indeed, you can afford to buy organically grown fruits and vegetables as well as humanely raised animal foods. The truth is, because of their health benefits, you can’t afford not to… 

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savory roasted chicken

Savory-Roasted Chicken with Lemon, Garlic and Potatoes

Every Sunday I slow-roast a chicken.  I truss the bird, dress it with herbs, olive oil and a generous sprinkling of salt and set it on a bed of vegetables – whichever I happen to have on hand.  It’s a happy ritual, and one that helps to feed us all week long, and, later, when… 

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