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A Look at Our Food Budget

The subject of money comes up a lot, especially for those real food newbies who are not quite sure how to make the transition from a standard American diet of prepackaged, … [Read more...]

Food Stamp Challenge: $227

The Challenge The challenge is simple, but difficult too: in October, maintain a foodstamp budget while feeding your family wholesome, nourishing and unrefined foods. Due to … [Read more...]

10 Healthy Meals Under $10

Eating well on a budget and keeping food frugal is on my mind ... a lot ... actually.   Looking at our bank account and realizing that payday just doesn't come fast enough, often … [Read more...]

Budget Tips

It's a constant theme in conversations I hear: "I can't afford to eat organic foods." That's exactly what Nourished Kitchen is here to battle. Indeed, you can afford to buy … [Read more...]

Reader Questions: Beef Suet, Kombucha and Budgets

I receive a lot of emails at Nourished Kitchen from readers who love cooking traditional foods, but still have questions.  You might be wondering about how long you should cook … [Read more...]

Food Stamp Challenge: Week 2

This week was disheartening at best. It makes me shake my head with sorrow at our broken food system and the challenges that face poor, underprivileged and impoverished families. … [Read more...]

Food Stamp Challenge Week #1: $68 Down

On Saturday morning, my son and I got dressed, packed my bag with a calculator, Seafood Watch's Pocket Guide and the Environmental Working Group's Wallet Guide to the Dirty Dozen … [Read more...]