We’re Just 4 Days Away (and I need your support)

The Nourished Kitchen Cookbook Table of Contents

It’s hard to believe it, but as you know, my first cookbook The Nourished Kitchen will be released on in just a few days – on Tuesday, April 15th to be exact.  It has been a wonderfully long process of farms and food and recipes.  And while it’s out in just a few days, you can preorder it now online, or stop by at your local bookstore and order a copy there, too.

What I want to share with you today is a need for support.  For the last seven years, I’ve toiled through recipes, shared by journey, and answered your questions on cooking and preparing traditional foods, and now I need your support, too.  Much of a book’s success depends on what happens before it becomes available; and when you preorder your copy of The Nourished Kitchen either online through resources like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Book Depository (for those of who live outside the US) or even at your local, independent bookseller (they need your support, too), you send a message to the publishing world that the ideas, philosophy and recipes you’ve come to love on NourishedKitchen.com are worth supporting.

Your preorder acts like vote that says that the traditional foods movement is worthwhile, and that it’s growing.

Why You Should Preorder:

The Nourished Kitchen is a beautiful book about beautiful farms and beautiful food.

The Nourished Kitchen takes you on my family’s journey through sustainable farms, traditional foods and beautiful recipes.  Saveur Magazine recently listed it as one of the Best Food and Drink Buys for April, and was listed as Food and Wine’s Cookbook of the Moment.  Sally Fallon Morell, president of the Weston A Price Foundation, commented, “The Nourished Kitchen deserves a place of honor on your kitchen counter.” And renowned sustainable farmer Joel Salatin, wrote, “Jennifer McGruther’s road map to culinary integrity delivers us from wandering through the bewilderment of industrial, nutrient-deficient, supermarket detours.”

The Nourished Kitchen features new recipes, and new tutorials.

While bookstores abound with vegetarian-focused whole foods cookbooks, they do not abound with whole foods cookbooks that feature traditional foods like grass-fed meats, bone broths, meaty stews and raw milk.  The Nourished Kitchen also features new recipes, not published online, that will not be found on this blog.  Sure, some basics that you must have like bone broths, kefir and sourdough starter appear in the book, but the recipes take on a whole new life.  They’re special.  Recipes I’ve tucked away to share only through The Nourished Kitchen.

The Nourished Kitchen is available at a great price and is something you can hold in your hands.

While you mat eye the meal plans and cooking classes available online, keep in mind that The Nourished Kitchen is priced far less than a year’s subscription to the meal plans or one of our online cooking classes.  The cookbook retails for $27.99, and because retailers often drop the price around the time of its release, The Nourished Kitchen is available now for under $18.  It’s inexpensive, and it’s something you can hold in your hands, flip through and read.  There’s a tangibility to it that can’t be had in our digital products.

Learn to Cook Real Food

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What people are saying

  1. Jenn says

    I just got my confirmation email from Amazon that my pre-ordered copy shipped! This is the first traditional foods cookbook I’ve bought since Nourishing Traditions almost 5 years ago.

    • Jenny says

      Yay! It’s exciting! You know, there’s just not many traditional foods books on the market right now (though I imagine that’ll change!) I hope you love it.

    • Jenny says

      Hi John! Any preorder counts: Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, your local book store! Whatever works for you.

  2. Anne Simpson says

    Hello Jenny

    The e version of your book arrived 5 minutes ago. Its so wonderful it makes me want to cry. I have a hard copy coming in the mail and it’s going to be well loved. Just want to congratulate you and say thank you. I know this will touch the heart and spirit of many and the tummies of many more :-). Now I must get back to my new book
    Cheers Anne

    • Jenny says

      Thank you so much, Anne! That means a lot to me. I really hope that it’s well-received, and that readers enjoy it. A lot of love went into that book!

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