a recipe: potato & swiss chard frittata

Frittatas with fresh herbs or seasonal vegetables are a main-stay of our diet, and we often serve them on the weekend for a late breakfast or early brunch.  In the summertime, we … [Read more...]

A Recipe: Toasted Pumpkin Seeds with Chili and Lime

Toasting pumpkin seeds, that hallmark of Halloween, are a ritual in our home just as it is in many American homes.  We head to the pumpkin patch, a pitiful display of twenty or … [Read more...]


how to celebrate the first snow (a recipe for buckwheat sourdoughnuts)

The first snow of the season greeted us this morning, blanketing our mountain town under a thin, cold and icy film.   Grey clouds hung low against the hills, revealing the peaks … [Read more...]

a recipe: chicken and gluten-free dumplings with fresh herbs

Gluten-free chicken and dumplings swimming in a salty, creamy broth of herbs and aromatic vegetables found its way to our kitchen a few weeks ago.   A cold-weather food, good for … [Read more...]

a recipe: braised steak with red wine and rosemary

I like a good steak – rich, tender, juicy, barely cooked.  Most of all, I like a good grass-fed steak.  In fact anything else leaves me a bit queasy.  There’s a striking difference … [Read more...]

join nourished kitchen at wise traditions 2010!

That’s me in the left-hand corner of your screen, all cheery and eager and blissful.  And that’s Ann Marie of Cheeseslave, Kelly of Kelly the Kitchen Kop and Kimberly of … [Read more...]


Qn apple picking party & picnic

Saturday morning, just before our supper party by the river, we packed a picnic basket, an old patchwork quilt and the kid in the car and set out on the long  dirt road that … [Read more...]

a recipe: triple beet salad with basil and olive oil

  Beet salad with fresh basil and olive oil, sweet and fresh and earthy, becomes the center of our supper tables in late summer and early autumn when both beets and basil … [Read more...]

an autumn harvest supper by the river

In just a few weeks the snows will set in, transforming our little Victorian-era mining town into a bustling ski destination for another winter.  And those snows won’t recede for … [Read more...]