A Recipe: Shrimp Salad with Dill Mayonnaise

Shrimp Salad has become one of our favorite treats this summer.  The sweet shrimp combine beautifully with the bright flavors of lemon, dill and the creaminess of a good homemade … [Read more...]

Farms, Markets, Gardens: Our Week in Pictures

You may have noticed a distinct lack of posts recently at Nourished Kitchen, but we've been busy here in the high country - gardening, marketing, visiting farms ... laying in … [Read more...]

A Recipe: Potato Leek Soup with Dill

Potato Leek Soup, dotted with dill and pasture-raised bacon, may seem like an odd addition to a June post.  I mean, really now, summer's less than a week away - and I imagine all … [Read more...]

A Recipe: Preserved Lemon & Mint Allioli

Allioli.  Allioli. Allioli.   I love how the vowels and lulling Ls roll off the tongue - softly and whimsically - almost like a child's nonsense word.  all-ee-oh-lee.  It's a … [Read more...]

10 Culinary Herbs & Their Medicinal Uses

Over the past few weekends, the snow has cleared from the high country (yes ... it takes thatlong for winter to recede up here), and what time I've had that hasn't been occupied by … [Read more...]