Recipe: Mangoes and Sticky Rice

Mangoes and sticky rice – oh how my heart swoons!  After a heated meal of Thai food – heightened by the bright flavors of kaffir lime, lemongrass and painfully hot chili peppers – nothing soothes the palate quite like a warm bowl of gently sweet and slightly salty mangoes and sticky rice. I like to… 

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Recipe: Spiced Apple Sauce with Red Wine

]Spiced Apple Sauce, with its smooth texture and gentle, warm flavors, has made it to our kitchen table frequently in the last few months as we use up overwintered apples in preparation for the coming harvest.   Stewed in red wine and spices, the apples take on a lovely rosy color and a mild sweetness.  Like… 

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What Veg*ns Can Learn from Traditional Foods

While the traditional foods movement seems to focus heavily on the inclusion of high-quality, pasture-raised meat and dairy products and is, indeed, a largely animal food-based diet, that doesn’t meant that it offers no guidance or dietary wisdom for vegetarians. Indeed, there’s a lot that vegetarians can glean from the traditional foods movement and, in many ways, the practices advocated by traditional foods enthusiasts and organizations like the Weston A Price Foundation and the Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation might prove even more important for vegetarians and vegans who rely on grains and legumes for much of their foods. From soaking and souring grains and legumes to fermenting veggies and eating healthy fats, here’s five things that vegetarians can learn from the traditional foods movement.

A Nourishing Menu for Mother’s Day

Real food and nourishment is a gift, and on Mother’s Day one of the greatest gifts a mom can receive is a home-cooked meal prepared for her by her husband and children. I’ve picked three of my favorite and easiest breakfast recipes for this simple and elegant Mother’s Day brunch menu. So print this post… 

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A Recipe: Sesame-Honey Candy

Sesame honey candy, or pasteli, is a traditional Greek confection which combines the simplest of ingredients to create a wholesome, natural treat featuring three simple ingredients: sesame seeds, honey and unrefined sea salt.  Often served for Easter, though a charming treat any time of the year, sesame honey candy are dense with sesame flavor and… 

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