Celery Root, Potato & Fennel Casserole with Walnut-encrusted Cod

An easy-to-make and nourishing winter casserole, this dish takes advantage of winter vegetables like fennel, potato and celery root.   Fennel is rich in vitamin C, folate, dietary fiber and trace minerals like copper and molybdenum while celery root is an excellent source of vitamin K. This dish is best served with an herbed cream… 

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Roast Chicken Stock

Rich in vital minerals, glucosamine, chondroitin and gelatin, bone broths are nutritional powerhouses.   They’re inexpensive to make, richly nutritive and deeply flavorful.   We try to incorporate broth into our daily diet for its many benefits.   The cider vinegar used in this recipes helps to release more minerals from the bones. This version… 

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The Chicken Soup Cure

This is part of 2009’s series The Traditional Foods Primer. January focused on sweeteners, and February’s focus is on the nutritive power of bone broths.   Earlier this month we addressed the Benefits of Bone Broth. Chicken soup is known for its curative properties.   And anyone who has ever been tucked away in bed,… 

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Reader Tips: Health Eating while on Holiday

It cold outside and so icy, you might consider it glacial.   Winter starts to get a little old in February and I begin to long to see something green – something living.   And I long for warmth.   So we’re escaping winter and heading to the ocean. Our vacation was a very generous… 

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The Benefits of Bone Broth

This is part 5 in the year-long series on Traditional Foods.   January focused on sweeteners, and February focuses on homemade, old-fashioned, nutrient-dense bone broth.   And, my apologies for posting this section of the Traditional Foods Primer   a touch late, There is nothing like a homemade broth – rich, fragrant and glistening with… 

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Chicken & Wild Rice Soup

Using a leftover roast chicken for its meat and for the rich, mineral-dense broth made from the carcass means this soup is not only frugal, but practically free.   Celery, carrots, onion and wild rice make nice additions.   This dish is rich in fiber, protein and minerals.

Roasted Butternut Squash, Quince & Apple Puree

This is a super-tasty, super-easy sidedish for autumn and winter.   The squash is rich in beta carotene, while the quinces and apples provide vitamin C and manganese.   Butternut squash is a real powerhouse of nutrition.   It’s rich in fiber with 1 cup yeilding 6 grams of fiber, plus it’s rich in vitamin… 

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